Got Questions?

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1My kid is five year old. Is he eligible to learn chess?

Of course. A five-year-old kid has a strong ability to grasp and learn new things, making him an ideal fit for any game, including chess. Also, giving opportunity to learn chess at the early age to your kid will boost his mental ability at the early stage of his life.

2How can I enroll at Chess Official?

We have a simple and easy enrollment process at Chess Official. You may enroll in any of our chess programs by going through the demo process or purchasing a course provided on our website. Upon receiving the mail, our chess team will connect with you for a smooth onboarding process.

3How do I choose between Group sessions and one-to-one personal sessions?

Our objective is to make chess accessible and affordable for learners worldwide. This is why Chess Official introduces its group sessions alongside one-to-one sessions. If a student is familiar with the chess basics, we recommend them to join the group sessions where children learn in large groups , friendly atmosphere and comfortable interaction with large group. While we suggest they enroll for one-to-one sessions if the kids are not fully familiar with the piece movement.

4Is there a separate batch for kids of the same age group?

We group students based on their learning style and understanding level. Thus, we may not necessarily have a separate batch for all kids falling in the same age bracket.

5How long will a session last?

Usually, a session lasts 50 minutes to an hour depending upon the child’s learning style, skill level, and capabilities. All sessions are conducted through Zoom.

6Can my kid register to learn chess even if he has no prior training at it?

You do not require any prior training to learn chess. You may begin with our Basic or Beginner Chess program to get familiar with the game fundamentals. Once you have understood the basics, you may enroll in the advanced courses.

7How will I receive class details and relevant information?

Upon registration on our website and making a successful payment, you will receive class information on your registered email id. Thus, verify your email id before submitting your enrolment applications.

8Am I eligible for a refund if I do not attend any or all sessions?

You may apply for a refund claim for any unattended sessions enrolled at Chess Official provided the refund is requested/claimed within the stipulated tenure of the allotted program. If the said period expires or you have not claimed a refund within the said tenure, Chess Official will not be liable for any refund. Further, no refund shall be entertained for sessions already taken by the kid. Please check our Terms and Conditions for further clarification.

9What are the chess packages listed on Chess Official?

Chess Official has introduced different packages for kids who are in different learning stages of chess. We have packages/programs for Basic to beginners to intermediate to Master chess players. You may choose one or more or all packages based on your interests and learning abilities.

10Will there be any review sessions after the class/ course?

Yes, we do have test review sessions after every class. You may find the exact number of test reviews in the description of every course listed on the site. We also ask you to do assignments that help us assess your game skills.

11How do I know that I am ready for the next level of your chess program?

We render consistent support to kids to learn chess at a pace that they find comfortable. There is no haste to get to the next level as it takes time to go from a beginner to a very strong player. Thus, it may vary from kid to kid depending upon their learning styles and skill sets.

12How do you maintain the privacy of every student attending online sessions?

We recognize and respect the privacy concerns of our users. To ensure a safe and secure environment of information exchange, use, and disclosure, we have laid down a detailed privacy policy that protects you and your data. It is recommended that you read the privacy policies with great attention before using all or any portion of our services.