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Cancellation and Refund

Refund Policy: Users have the right to claim a full refund for any unattended classes/sessions during the program tenure enrolled at Chess Official by them. However, the users should know that the company shall not initiate or proceed with any refund for the services or classes or sessions already attended or taken by the student/kid. The said refund will be transferred to you in full after deducting the sum payable/paid for sessions attended/consumed by the student.

We shall not further entertain refunds for any programs that are a part of our promotions. The company shall not be further accountable for any refund if the student fails to attend the classes or claim it within the specified time.

Before initiating any refund from our end, users will be required to furnish their bank account details for a quick transfer of the refund amount. If the company asks for any additional documents, it is understandable that the user will provide them as and when necessary to process the refund.